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Getting in Shape

Couch to 5K or other activity, what are your stories?

I like activity, it intrigues me, but there's always excuses that I find to skip it after a few weeks of solid workouts (and solid sucess on the scale).

When I go to Weight Watchers I see these people who went from being complete couch potatoes their entire lives to training for 5Ks as part of their routine.

For those of you that are on that path, what is your story? What caused you to finally embrace the change? Did you struggle?

Looking for inspiration!
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Re: Couch to 5K or other activity, what are your stories?

  • felixfelicisfelixfelicis member
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    I did a couch to 5k in January of 2012 and it's not an exaggeration to say it completely changed my life! Running was never something that I enjoyed before doing the couch to 5k training plans, but with the right training, some patience, and learning how to run properly, I got seriously into running and a year later I ran my first half-marathon!

    I definitely struggled (and still do, for sure) with discipline and a consistent routine, but finishing a race always gives me an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Knowing I worked hard and carried myself to the finish line also gives me a new respect for my body like nothing else. Running is awesome!
  • I finally embraced change when I realized that I feel much better about myself after I exercise - whether it's running a mile (it's a lot for me because I'm not a natural runner) or finishing a new and challenging yoga routine. After I graduated, I had more time on my hands and FI is working a lot, so I figured why not? I started doing Hatha yoga more regularly until I mastered it, then bought a Vinyasa yoga dvd then started running. I also have a power yoga program I'll check out when I master my Vinyasa program.

    I struggle the most on getting up and getting started, but I've found that if I tell someone I'm doing it that day (on the accountability thread, for example) I actually get up and do it. And yoga really puts my mind in a better place, so that's a great motivator to actually doing it!

  • I didn't find a real program until before the wedding, which was p90x.  I was already through most of my weightloss at that point.
    I am now almost through my second round, though I only follow the weight days at this point and let myself have some freedom with the cardio days.

    I still have issues when the p90x program ends (thankfully it's a long program), but I'll either restart it or find another plan to get started on right away.  Taking even two, and especially three days off in a row for me is toxic and starts the 'I don't want to go' party.

    Going in the morning also helps me on days I know I don't want to go.  Then I don't have the whole day to make excuses.

  • AdeleDazeemAdeleDazeem member
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    I had originally been wanting to train for a 10 mile run in 2009.  I definitely thought I could do it.  Me, the person who has never run a mile in her life.  After two days at the gym cursing, sweating, and nearly crying through a 2 mile run, I abandoned the goal until I read more about running.  I learned that I shouldn't be able to just hop on a treadmill and run two miles when I'd never been a runner.  I need to work up to any distance by building endurance.  The C25K program offered that.

    I started the C25K in June of 2010.  Our wedding was in May 2011, I was finishing up graduate school in July 2010 and I just wanted to get a head start on different daily activities.

    I liked it.  Immediately.  Why?  Because I could finish the weekly goals.  At first, I thought the programs were easy.  "Of course I can run 1 minute and walk 3..." I'd say.  I had a cockiness problem, but it wore off!  The weeks got harder and I looked at them with a bit of trepidation.  However, I always surprised myself when I could do it. 

    The first 20 minute run was scary until I did it.  Bam.  I was hooked.

    I fell off the running wagon for a bit because it was hard to fit it in my schedule.  I'm back at it now doing their C25K graduate program - the Bridge to the 10K.  I'm about halfway through (running 4.5 miles). Every time I run I can see my mile times going down, my distances increase, etc...  it's such a motivator.
  • I appreciate these stories Ladies. I also learned that the Couch to 5k is actually a program. I just thought it was a slogan when people say it at WW. I just looked it up.
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    You'll never be subject to a cash bar, gap, potluck wedding, or b-list if you marry a Muppet Overlord.

  • Sorry, I had to.  Not out of snarkiness, just out of laughs. :)
  • Bahahaa - yup, it's a program!  A great one!
  • I did C25K in April 2010 and have been running ever since.  If you are looking to get into running, I definitely recommend this program.  The first weeks are easy enough that beginners can get through them and it is so rewarding to be able to finish each run.  The program gives you a solid base that really sets you up to succeed. 
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  • Great thread!

    Growing up, my mom was a single, hard working mom. But that meant she wasn't home.. ever. And that meant I couldn't be in sports because.. she wouldn't be there to pick me up or drive me to things. I was always an "active" kid in the sense that I couldn't stay put long, but was always so envious of kidsthat got to go be in sports. 
    Her not being home also meant I grew up on pepsi and hot pockets/bagel bites/pizza rolls. 

    When I got to college, I told myself that now I have ZERO excuse. I control me now. So I started hitting the gym, taking classes, etc. I got into Thai Chi for a couple years and took a bunch of nutrition and health classes at college. Fell in love with the research, and eventually found my way into a gym that offered Les Mills classes. Then I became a complete gym junky. I loved it so much I got certified in Body Combat (was supposed to be certified in Flow, but we moved.. So now that's on the schedule for this summer :) ) and never turned back. 

    I can't not be active. Today, I just finished RIPPED, an hour of Tabata training, and Body Pump today. TOmorrow we're going on a backpacking trip. I feel guilty if I only make it to one group X class in a day.  I still have a cold, but I can't help it. It becomes more addicting than the garbage food I used to put in my system. 

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