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Xcaly and FTL

Seattle peeps alike! FI and I will be going on a west coast adventure for our honeymoon which includes a few days in Seattle. We're flying into San Fran and will spend our first few nights there and plan to stay somewhere super swank there. When we get to Seattle we're looking to spend $100-200 per night, but want to stay in the hub in the city. Any sugestions? I lived there for a few years as a kid, but I wasn't old enough to remember or know any of this. 
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Re: Xcaly and FTL

  • Ooh, we are thinking about doing the same thing! Either flying into SanFran and driving up to Seattle, or flying into Portland and driving up to Vancouver. Any reco's?
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  • Yeah, we were looking into the Pikes Place Inn, but I think it might be a little above our budget. But we also just shifted our dates by a day and we'll be saving about $300 on airfare now, so maybe. 
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  • Thre are a couple different "hubs" Capital hill is great, but I think you probably want to be within walking distance of Pike Place/water/shopping or do you want to be within walking distance of the Space Needle? Two different areas (BUt there is a monorail that is 2 bucks that's a quick hop from one to the other so it's not a big deal either way) 
    That will help me narrow down my list of suggestions :) 
  • We originally looking into the Pikes Place Inn. I'd think more of that area. We're not opposed to public transportation and will still have our rental car, so no problems there.

    Ophelia, that's exactly what we're doing. A few days in Sanf Fran including a Giants game, an Alcatraz tour, cable car tour, Fishermans Warf, etc. Then we're driving up the coast and hitting up National Parks, whichis our totaly nerd out thing to do. In San Fran we're staying at the Argonaut Hotel (clicky) with a view of the bay/Fishermans Warf/Alcatraz. And we also know we plan to stay one night on the drive up in the Crescent Beach Motel (clicky)
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  • ugh.. Crescent City.. meh.. That's my opinion on that one. lol. 

    Are you talking about Inn at the Market on Pine St? I'm not sure I recognize Pike Place Inn.. 

    I highly recommend Hotel Five. 
    It's completely within walking distance of EVERYTHING and it is a true blue Seattle feel with it being crazy modern/urban/swanky/artsy. It runs between 120-180

    Hotel Andra is also fantastic and a great location, but it runs about 200 a night. 

    Other than that, any of the chains are great. The Roosevelt is usually where we stay because it's cheap, a perfect location, and the rooms are always clean and nice. it has a little more of an older feel to it, but in a very well kept way. It's beautiful. 

    Also... A few restaurants I reccommend if you're interested.. 

    The PInk Door is soooo awesome and right next to Pike Place. It's a caberet style place with fabulous food and drinks. Check our their daily events

    Lark is on capital hill. It's expensive, but it is a true-blue Seattle style restaurant. The cheeses will melt in your mouth. 

    Also on capital hill is my favorite vegan place, if you're feeling adventurous! 
    Plum Bistro

    Wasabi Bistro Is my faaaavorite Sushi place (even though I <3 Sushi is higher on the Zagat scale in Seattle) and it's downtown. http://www.wasabiseattle.com/

    If you're interested in the booze-oriented side of Seattle Road Dog gives the ultimate brewery tour. You go to three, get GIANT "samples" and end up smashed by the end of it while learning about the breweries and different styles. He picks up and drops off right next to Pike Place. http://www.seattlebrewerytour.com/

  • Yay! You totally rock! And yes, the Market Inn I think was the one. Thanks you!
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  • Hecks yes. I am more than happy to help! Ask away, any time! The Market Inn is nice, but expensive. If you're worried abour being too far from Pike Place with the hotels I picked out, DON'T be. They are such a short walk, and so close to everything else. The Roosevelt is right between Capital Hill and down town so it's easy to walk to both from that, as well as shopping at Pacific Place and the Paramount Theatre. The other two places are just as close. It seems far away on a map, but we're talking just a couple to a few blocks from it all :) 
  • I sent FI the Hotel Five and he loved and it booked it already. And we have no problems with walking a million miles to get somewhere. It's definitely not the kind of thing to stop us. Plus the hotel has free bikes, which may have been a huge swing factor for him. 
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  • Uhhhh, we leave for our honeymoon Tuesday June 4th and we'll get to Seattle June 9th I think. I don't know, FI's been booking everything. I just say "yes dear" whenever he asks my opinion. He's so excited. 
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