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Getting in Shape

Getting Started

So, i'm about 5 months from my wedding day and I have yet to start my working out! eek! I don't seem to have any energy to work out, nor do I have a gym membership and don't want to spend money on one. I live in an upstairs apartment so any type of jumping or cardio is out of the question. Luckily it's starting to get nice out so I'll be able to do some walking/jogging outside. I'm addicted to sweets, so it's my biggest down fall. What are you guys doing to stay motivated, to be strong and say "no" to your weaknessses, and what is giving you energy? Especially after work? I'm so lost. help!

Re: Getting Started

  • Ditto all of Xcaly's points.

    My motivation is to be healthy and have full mobility when I'm older. I have a degenerative joint disease, which could be dibilitating if I let it be. Consistent exercise has helped make it so I haven't had a single flare up in the past 2 years. That alone keeps me going back for more.

    In addition, I love being able to push myself to do things I've never done before. I recently started training to run a 5k, and you know what? I've never been able to run before in my life. It feels GREAT to be able to do something I wasn't able to before. Every little victory keeps me going.

    Now something you DON'T talk about is food, or what your personal goals are. Are you already the size you want to be and you just want to tone up? Do you have a couple of lbs to lose? Depending on what your goal is, we will have different advice for how to achieve it :)
  • thanks everyone for your feed back!! you all made great points and have helped so much! 
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