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I picked out these bridesmaid dresses because I think they are very elegant. The dresses are from the designer Bill Levkoff and they will be a euro wine and the sash on the one dress will be euro champagne.  I let my MOH choose which dress she wanted from Bill Levkoff she wanted it just had to be in the same color (Euro wine) and same material. The second dress on my Siggy is her dress.

Re: Bridesmaid Dresses Discussion

  • I'm not really picking out BM dresses. I'm leaving it up to them as long as they stay w/in a color pallette. There are so many extra expenses for everyone else around the wedding I wanted to be sure my ladies were comfortable both wearing the dress and cost.

    My MOH will be wearing an olive dress of her choice. Another BM chose blush and the other a light blue/turquoise. Each shade compliments thier individual skin tones as well so they picked right!
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  • I wanted to do the whole "pick your own dress" thing, but my sisters were mortified by the idea lol so I went through Every.Single.Dress I could find.  I took their body types and sense of style into consideration, and emailed somewhere between 20-30 pics to them.  MOH picked her top 3, BM picked her top 3, and by the time the 3 of us hit the store, we knew we only wanted to see Bill Levkoff and Mori Lee.  They wound up picking my favorite without even meaning to :).  We spent less than an hour in the store, including fitting and ordering; they couldn't believe it!

    The dress will be in cranberry and they look amazing in it!
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  • My girls picked Bill Levkoff dresses.  For some reason one of the pictures shows a weird color, but all the dresses are navy.  I love how they all look together!
  • My 2 girls and I had a hard time finding something we liked that looked good on all of us.  We're all in 3 different states, so we went with David's Bridal just because they make it easy.  After maybe 4 trips between the 3 of us, we ended up with the siggy dress.  It's strapless, with pockets, and pretty cheap and in plum :)
  • Three of my four girls came into town on MLK weekend for a ladies weekend and dress shopping.  We hit up a David's Bridal, Macy's, and Alfred Angelo before we found the one!  My bridal party is beautifully diverse in respect to color and size and this dress looks great on everyone and it's at a reasonable price point for all.  

    I can't wait to see us all dressed up and ready on the big day (in less than 6months...eek!) :)
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  • edited April 2013
    @ Love11506 - I saw the red dress with the sash and loved it.  Unfort it didn't look great on my BM's body type though.

    I let my girls pick out their own dresses too.  I just told them the color and that I preferred longer dresses.  But they all settled on a style that they liked in a price range that they liked. All I did was agree to the dress that they all picked out. The designer is Belsoie.
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  • Thanks for starting this, Love! 

    I ended up choosing the designer, fabric, and color for the dresses, and my girls chose the style. Because I also have junior bridesmaids and flower girls in different dresses, I wanted to keep my three maids in the same style. This is the one they voted on and agreed upon. Works for me!

    We're going to jazz it up with some yellow shoes, chunky yellow necklaces, and bright flowers. 
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  • Me and my girls picked these Alexia dresses. the BM's will wear the one on the left and my MOH will wear the one of the right (and it has a sweep train!). The top will be black lace and the bottom will be champage.

  • My MOH found this dress when she was out with her sisiter... I think it is perfect since its a little dressy but still casual. We are having an backyard garden wedding and just want everyone to have fun so it fits.. Now to get my FSIL/BM to try it on and like it.... She looked at it and just said ehhh so I doubt she will like it. if not she is on her own!
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  • I gave my girls freedom to pick their dresses as long as they were in the color pallet. They ended up picking the same dress in different colors (with in the color sheme), I will be in ivory.  The three dresses look great together.
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  • Beautiful!
  • Beautiful!
  • I took my bridesmaids to Davids Bridal, said it has to be apple and let them all go to town picking dresses. I wanted all of my girls to have different dresses that look good on them since each girl has a completely different body type. This also allowed them to possibly choose a dress from the clearance rack. One of my girls got her dress for $70, and everyone looks amazing.
  • My girls are all wearing David's Bridal as well. Just was a very affordable way to go! All will be in the horizon (royal blue), short and satin and each (of the 6) girls picked their own dress. Everyone looks AMAZING and we just got our shoes in (dyed royal blue to match) and I cannot wait to see everyone all togehter dressed up! They love their dresses so much that one girl hinted if she could wear it earlier to her husbands police graduation and my sister (MOH) is ordering her dress in another color so she can wear it to her prom!!! I wish I knew how to post a picture, because on the DB website you can make these little avatars of your wedding and that way I can show all the dresses!

  • Below is the dress my girls are getting!  They're thinking of wearing black flats (outdoor wedding and most of them aren't too big into heels!) What do you think? :)
  • So pretty!  I think flats will look awesome with that dress!
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