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Confused (multicolor wedding)

The main colors of my wedding is silver and white. However, I can`t seem to choose a color to pop out. The color was purple, but I feel like it is such a typical color for a wedding. I am thinking of the multi-color. Whether my bridesmaid wear multi-colored matching dresses with different one color bouquets or, I don`t know. Can anyone help me or give me a website that may have good images I can bounce off of? Thank you so much in advance

Re: Confused (multicolor wedding)

  • Try google or bing image searches. And get on pintrest.  I do think purple is a pretty typical wedding color, but it is very elegant and matches a lot of colors, but if you like it, don't worry about it. I also think you could do white, silver and black, which is another classic look.

    The silver and white would really work with almost any color though. I'd pick your favorite and go with it. Use the accent color in the flowers and in a sash on a neutral dress. the guys ties can be that color.
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  • Wow, thanks! I`ll definitely take your advice and ideas.
  • Pinterest and Google are my Go-To websites for this stuff.  Honestly?  I'd just got with your favorite color.  Who cares if it's a "wedding color" or not?  In 20 years, you'll be looking at the pictures and you're not going to remember if the color was "in" at the moment or not.  You'll just be laughing at the dresses that you picked. ;-)
  • Silver and white can go with anything! Navy to make it nautical, yellow to make it playful, pink to make it fem, black to make it modern, burgundy to go fall. I'd look at your venue and pick a theme/look you want and go from there.
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