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where is everybody?

haven't heard from anyone in a while so i thought i'd post something. i hope everyone's wedding planning is going well!! i'd love to hear what's new with all of you! i unfortunately, have hit a couple of bumps...

first - the invites for my shower haven't gone out yet. it's on june 2nd. i expressed my concern/disappointment to my MOH and even offered to send them myself and she got incredibly defensive and angry. i've decided to leave it alone but like, come on. really? people are making plans for their summer at this point. these things need to go out already!!! 

second - went dress shopping with my mom on saturday for her dress. what a nightmare! besides the fact that every dress in the store we went to was hideous, none of the sample sizes fit her. she was totally discouraged. now i'm afraid we're never going to find anything. this other store that has some nicer dresses said they're getting in a new MOB collection in 3 weeks. those dresses only take 3-4 weeks to come in, but other take up to 3 months. if she doesn't like any of the new arrivals, we're screwed! 

ughhh if you couldn't tell, i'm a total control freak. i also hate when things don't go according to plan. feeling a little stressed over here! o na happy note, my dress came in and it's absolutely amazing! 

Re: where is everybody?

  • Hi!  I'm a September 2013 bride as well, but I haven't posted with this username on this board yet.  

    First - your shower invitations should only go out about a month before the shower, so your MOH has a little more time.  Don't worry about it!  While it's nice of you to offer to send out the invitations yourself, the shower is being hosted for you in your honor, so you need to let the host handle that part.

    Second - Does your mom have to buy a dress at a shop that's going to take 3-4 months?  I know my mom hasn't gotten her dress yet, but she's just planning on trying a department store I think.  Either way, your mom has some time and believe or not, she will find something by the time your wedding comes around.  This is another thing you don't need to stress yourself out about.  
  • a lot of us are all chatting on our facebook group
  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:26a515ec-8009-4599-b81d-5edee3b3fb3cDiscussion:7f990657-9912-4653-abee-97d30cf116e8Post:79957e75-dadd-4f2b-9e14-c624229de5f8">Re: where is everybody?</a>:
    [QUOTE]a lot of us are all chatting on our facebook group
    Posted by Love11506[/QUOTE]

    How can I find that FB group? I've typed in numerous search terms and I cannot find it!
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  • Hi ladies!

    Today is one of those days I am stressed out. I feel behind and have so much to do.  OMG money.  I fell like every time we put away money for the wedding something happens that we need to use it. 

    What is the link for the FB page?

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  • friend "September Brides" and then she'll invite you to the private Sept 2013 group.
  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:26a515ec-8009-4599-b81d-5edee3b3fb3cDiscussion:7f990657-9912-4653-abee-97d30cf116e8Post:4d21dc6f-118c-4079-972c-db58cdb980ec">Re: where is everybody?</a>:
    [QUOTE]friend "September Brides" and then she'll invite you to the private Sept 2013 group.
    Posted by jessica2244[/QUOTE]

    I tried searching like this but there are 4 other September Bride groups.  Can you post the link so I add the correct one?
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  • I sent a request, but I couldn't add a message without paying a dollar (wtf).  I'm the J of J+A.  I used to post under a different username, but that was banned/deleted when someone found me on this site and I needed my posts to disappear.
  • It's not a group, it's a "person" that you friend.  It's our quality control :-)

    I'm around.  I enjoy posting gifs.  Can't do that on FB. :-/  Sad panda

  • There is a group?! What the what?! LOL.
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  • Sorry I have been such a terrible mod, ladies! If you haven't had any luck, please join us in our private FB group by friending September Brides ( and Amanda will add you to the group. Hope to see you there!
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