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Rehearsal Dinner Help!

Hi ladies! I just joined the group today, and obviously I've been missing out! The FI and I are trying to figure out our rehearsal dinner and we're definitely struggling.

For about 90% of our guests, this is going to be a destination wedding. I know it's customary to invite out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner, so should we invite every guest that will be there Friday night, or stick with bridal party and family?


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Help!

  • That's up to you! If it's a destination wedding, remember people will enjoy being on a mini-vacay Friday even if they aren't invited to the rehearsal. Just put fun places to visit on your wedding website and they will be entertained. If you can swing inviting them all then go for it, but that just kind of seems like 2 receptions if you will invite 90% of the guests to 2 events.
  • It's completely up to you.  We're doing BP and immediate family.  If you'd rather have a "welcome" dinner, that's OK too.  Just make sure you "invite in circles" and you should be fine.
  • Our guest list is 90% OOT so we are only having parents, my grandma, his sister and WP/SOs/child at the rehearsal. We don't want to have 2 huge events and make it feel like 2 weddings if we invited all OOT guests, but we will be letting everyone in town know our plans for after the rehearsal to come meet us too.
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  • We're doing mostly immediate family, BP and only a few OOT guests that will already be staying with us. It is easy to get out of control with who to invite but you don't want the bill to be astronomical especially for the rehearsal dinner.
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  • Could you do welcome cocktails after the rehearsal dinner instead? Then it's kinda like a drop in event, rather than a planned dinner. We're just doing family and wedding party + SOs, but we don"t have many OOT guests.


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