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Fun thread: What would you bring?

Because I can...

You're stranded on a desert island.  It's just you.  You have no electricity so you can't bring any electronics.  The papers from all books must got to your campfire.  You are allowed ONE item (not paper or electronic).  What is that item that you'd bring?

Think Tom Hank's Wilson (one of my least favorite movies btw).

I'd bring a pocketknife because I'd hope it'd be useful.  Anyone ever read the hatchet?

Re: Fun thread: What would you bring?

  • I'd have to bring a knife.  Because I would have to slit my own throat after too long out there like that.  ;-) 
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  • Practical:  A shelter to protect myself from the elements

    Not practical: My quilt (named "Pinky")

    The endpoint being that I can imagine lots and lots of napping taking place.  I'm a girl who takes her naps very seriously. 

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  • A lighter/matches for the campfire I could in no way start w/ a rock and 2 sticks.
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