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Kids favors?

Hi guys!

I am getting married in August and I am making favor bags for the kids, however, I don't want to have a kid's table so I was going to put them up front in a basket on the guestbook table... Need an idea for a sign that could go by them telling the kids to take one.... I want it to be something fun but I'm having massive writers block!

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Kids favors?

  • I was looking into the same thing- I've decided to put together little bags with a small set of crayons, maybe some play-doh, and also a coloring sheet with a note that they can draw a picture for the bride and groom to put on the fridge.  I've also been thinking about doing cookies and milk for the kids when we have the champagne toast.
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    Just state it outright. Don't stress about coming up with a "fun," "cute," "unique," or "creative" way to say it. This trend of everyone needing cute signs and cute poems and cute everything for everything is so overplayed. I swear, some people are going to start coming up with cute poems to tell people where the restrooms are. 

    We're thrilled to have so many young ones sharing our day. 
    Kids, please take a goodie bag!
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  • Are you having assigned tables?  If so, just sit the gift bags at the tables where the kids will be sitting.  My friend did this and everyone figured it out, plus the parents really appreciated it.
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