Not sure what to do- Granny problem

I'm not sure what to do about this.
So my fiance's grandmother has made all the wedding flowers for the family. She just assumed that she was doing our wedding flowers. I started on them and she became very upset; the woman is 78 years old and I'm not going to argue with her. So, today she should be my bouquet. It looks very 80's; the ones with all the little and big ribbons with some flowers hanging down. She has little tulle picks stuck around it as well with a lace collar. I'm trying to be the nice person and not be mean about it. Now for my sister's bouquet, who is the only one in the bridal party, that is a different story. I'm thinking about asking her if she can put flowers on a lace fan, but then that would be similar to my fiance's now divorced parents. We are having a country western them and the guys are wearing black western suits.

Another thing is the center pieces what she is working on. I'm on the same page as her, but I just want to see if I am on the right track. Our reception all is a restored barn and is covered in old farm signs and equipment. The walls and ceilings are covered so I don't want to over kill the tables. I was just thinking little centerpieces would be okay. We are having eight foot tables. She had one with a small scalloped dollar tree vase with pearl beads on the bottom and a burgundy daisy looking flower sitting on the pearls inside the jar. I thought it looked nice, but it was just so small. Then she wanted to use these old jelly jars she has from the fifties and use them to wildflowers in. She thinks I should just choose one

I'm very thankful for her help and I understand it is important to her, I just want things to look nice and somewhat modern. I was joking around with my fiance and said maybe we could have a eighties theme country wedding!
I'm not sure what to do. :-/
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