How many flowers?

I'm buying my flowers wholesale and doing them myself. I will be doing ivory and light peach roses. My question is how many should I do for my bridesmaids? I originally wanted to do a dozen for each bouquet but that can get pretty costly. Would six roses per bouquet with maybe some baby's breath be to skimpy?

Re: How many flowers?

  • I would like to preface this with the fact that I am not one of those creative artsy people, who has an eye for design.

    I was in a wedding, where the bridesmaids bouquets were 3 stems of calla lillies and that was it. Tied with a ribbon. That was it.

    So I think what you want to do will be great. Another suggestion is to look for photos of bouquets and decide how full you would like their bouquets to look or to see if they look skimpy to you. Personally, I think 6 stems is plenty. :)

  • One wedding I was in was just a single rose with some baby's breath. Another time it was 3 calla lilies with some greens. IThe ingle rose was a little sad looking, but the 3 calla lilies looked great.  I think 6 is definitely plenty! 

    The stores around me usually have a dozen roses for less than $10, you could easily do a practice bouquet or two to see what you like. 
  • I can get a dozen roses for about 12.00 here. So I will def test it out! Thanks!

  • I would say test it out, but honestly I think you'll be fine because then you can a dozen for your bouquet. Because shouldn't a brides flowers be slightly larger then her BM. Smile A dozen roses is going to just the right weight to have to carry too .

    My sister did a dozen for her bouquet at her wedding, no baby breaths, wrapped in a beautiful satin ribbon. I know her GM was slightly smaller, they all looked beautiful.
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