Flowers or No Flowers

We are working with an EXTREMELY tight budget and every extra penny needed is coming out of my paychecks. My aunt knows a lady who will give us a hell of a deal on flowers, however, I don't think we can even afford that. What should we do?

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  • Meet with her.  Get information re: cost.  Crunch numbers. Make decisions.
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    Ditto AnnMarie. You won't know if you can afford it until you find out what it costs. 
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  • There is no rule that says a couple must have flowers at a wedding.  As far as a bouquet, I would do those, and a bout for your groom, but for the centerpieces and other decor elements, you could do any number of other elements that would cost less and fill-up the space beautifully. Many brides choose candles but that must be cleared through your venue.  Many venues are very specific about candles, or anything with dripping wax, an open flame etc. I have even read that some venues don't even allow battery operated candles (probably because they don't trust that that is what a couple is really going to use?)

    You could use confetti or faux rose petals as a festive scatter on the table.  You could make paper - foil - or tissue paper garlands, "flowers" or even a bouquet out of paper or similar.

    Some brides also use brooches or buttons for a bouquet.  Maybe a few people in your family could contribute from their sewing box or jewelry box?

    Good luck!
  • Thank you, all! I made a beautiful brooch bouquet from antiques and family heirlooms for myself as well as miniature brooch (with silk flowers) nosegays for my girls. I also did the bouts for my men and will be tackling the corsages for the MOB and MOG, too. I'm really hoping that I can afford a few garden flowers or something. The theme is shabby chic and we're having the ceremony and reception in a beautiful and large center in Seattle. I just don't want the place to look too sparce.
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