Help!! Rustic Wedding Wild Flowers vs. Roses

Ok so our Rustic Non Traditional Wedding colors are black, white and crimson. My girls will be in black dresses, black shoes. Guys will be in black jeans, white shirts. Flower girls will be in crimson dresses. Our wedding will be outdoors near a river at our cabin. I am planning on wild flowers on wood stumps down the aisle and wild flowers on the tables at the reception site. I am confused what flowers the bridal party(including our parents) should hold/wear. Should we all have wild flowers and let the flower girls crimson dress be the accent? Or do we carry/wear roses, crimson and white? This is driving me nuts!!! Please help the wedding is in 65 days.  I am ok doing the flowers myself or ordering them, but do not want a huge floral bill. They are not that high on my priority list, I just dont want it to look funny with the different flowers.

Re: Help!! Rustic Wedding Wild Flowers vs. Roses

  • I think your plans for the wild flowers sound lovely. Check out Sam's Club and Costco's websites, they sell flowers in bulk, plus bouquet/bout/corsage packages that are reasonable.

    We had the Costco 20 piece white rose wedding package @ $399. There were enough bouquets, bouts, corsages for everyone. You can get it in other colors if you want, they have red rose packages, yellow rose packages, pink roses, and ivory. Plus they have sunflower packages as well.

    You have to order at least 30 days in advance.

    You can also do wild flowers if you want. I think either Sam's or Costco has wildfowers in bulk, or you may see something else you like.
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