Wildflower bouquet recommendations

So I've been trying to figure out the whole florist thing, I assume its very simple for them to create a wildflower feel bouquet. I was quoted a rather high price for this and while it could just be the vendor, I'm curious if more research will help fine a better priced vendor.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the New Orleans area when it comes to wildflower flowers?

Re: Wildflower bouquet recommendations

  • These "topic boards" (ie flowers, food & catering, etc) are international.

    On the left there is a "Local Wedding Boards" link, click on that and you can locate the New Orleans board. Those brides will have more info on New Orleans vendors.
  • Wild flowers are typically more delicate so they're more expensive.
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  • try asking for garden style versus wildflowers! the look is very similar, loose and interesting, but not generally quite as expensive, I don't think!
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