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Too Cheesy For Recessional?

My fiance and I are trying to pick our recessional song, and we both LOVE "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" by Jefferson Starship.  However, our pre-ceremony music is string quartet versions of older songs (mostly 80's rock), and our processional is an 80's rock ballad.  Thing is, we both just really love 80's music, but much as I love "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us", there's something about the intro that makes me feel like the credits are about to start rolling for a cheesy 80's movie.  As a guest, after hearing all those songs would you think it was an 80's themed wedding (it's not), or would you just think, wow, great songs!  Any outsider advice would be great, thank you!

Re: Too Cheesy For Recessional?

  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    I would think wow, great songs!  I love 80s music and think that would be a lot of fun.  As long as you aren't dressing in 80s styles I don't think there is much danger of people thinking 80s is your theme.
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  • unless you are wearing an 80s wedding gown with huge hair and blue eye-shadow no one will think its an 80s themed wedding.

  • I think having 80's ballads played by a string quartet is bad a**!  It's AWESOME!  I don't think the recessional song is cheesy at all.  If the song fits your style and makes you and FI happy, go for it!  The guests won't think twice about it.
  • I like when couples insert themselves and their personalities into weddings, vs. just doing the safe or 'proper' thing.  I like the way you have done a twist off the classic string quartet, and I think carrying that over into other music choices is not over the top, since you're not also doing 80s in other realms.  Now, if you give out jelly bracelets and smelly stickers or cabbage patch kid things as favors, I would say you now have an 80s theme.  Which is fine too.
  • Thank you so much for the opinions, ladies!  We are definitely going with that song!  :-)
  • Can you also have your fiance do this during the recessional, too? Just for an extra 80s kick?

    Because it would be AMAZING.

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