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First dance...

My fiance and I lived 2 hours apart for the first six months of our relationship and were constantly having to say goodbye. So "Don't You Wanna Stay" became our "song". Now we're getting married and want that to be our first dance song. I know it's not really a "love song" persay...so do we go to the trouble of explaining that to our guests? Or change the song? Or just dance to it and not worry about it? I just don't know...

Re: First dance...

  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    Just dance to it and don't worry about it.  It's your first dance as husband and wife, no explanation needed.
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  • Thanks!! That's what I was leaning towards, but I just wasn't sure.
  • Just DANCE! :) if that's your song then its yours. My fiance's and mine doesn't match up perfectly either but it has meaning to us. "Thats Beautiful to Me: Jaron & the long road to Love" became ours because it just talks about our little quirks some of the ones that are for the girl actually match my fiance and vise versa. And we knew it was ours when we had and argument one day and I had walked out of the house and that song came on and he instantly knew he needed to go find me.

     All else fails write up a little thing in the ceremony program about why this is your song or something.
  • most people will not even remember what song it is, or read into it.  If its your song, its your song...and its a great song, so good choice :) 

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