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BEST photographer in ny/ nj/ pa/ ct

So I got married in September of 2012 and I was having so much trouble finding a photographer, it wasn't until July that I had. Michelle Wolfe photography is the absolute best photographer I have ever had the pleasure of using!! Never gets in the way of anything, she is literally a fly on the wall of your experience. She has great ideas and will totally try your ideas as well! I've been to weddings where all you remember of the evening is flashes going off in your face; this was not the case with Michelle.

Once again that was Michelle Wolfe photography. She has a page on this site. Se serves ny, nj, pa, ct.

Happily ever after,

Re: BEST photographer in ny/ nj/ pa/ ct

  • Mandy, 

    I feel the same way about my photographer. I can't stop raving about him and how much I loved his work. The irony here is that he also was very incospicuous throughout the evening. He wasn't right on my face and yet he was able to capture so many great moments. I am constantly receiving compliments on how beautiful I look in my pictures. 

    I won't hijack your thread with his contact information (he is in Georgia anyway) but I just wanted to chime in and tell anyone reading this thread what a big difference a good photographer can make. I always heard so many horror stories about wedding photographers which scared me to hire anyone who wasn't charging 5 figures for wedding photography. I was comparing my wedding pictures to some of my friends who also got recently married and I am so happy I was referred to mine. 

    So everyone if you are in the North East, listen to Amanda...if you are in the SouthEast let me know and I have a great photographer waiting for you :)
  • Two things. One. Her work is junk. And two. Vendors can't post here.
  • Ugh, if she is a vendor that's a tragic/pathetic way to advertise. 
  • OP - Your first (and only) post and it's a raving review for a vendor.  Smells fishy.  Reported.
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