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Opinion about my wedding photo book??


I am creating a wedding photo book, and wanted to include some of my bridal portraits, but now sure where they would go. Any ideas?

I was originally creating the wedding photo book as telling a story so the viewer feels like they were there, all chronological.

But not sure if I should put my bridal portraits (which were taken 6 months prior and I changed up my jewelry etc) at the very beginning, in the middle by my pics w bridesmaids etc., or at the end. 


Thanks :)

Re: Opinion about my wedding photo book??

  • I am working with my photographer on my wedding book as well. The way he is doing it is also by telling a story, since we didn't see each other before the ceremony we are putting the bridal portraits, then the bridal party. Followed by the groom's portraits and the groom's party. He is doing all the layouts for us so we don't know the exact order the pictures will go but he emphasized the flow of the album should be similar to the flow of the wedding day. 

    Now, since you had a bridal session outside of your day it does throw a wrench in the aquation above. If it was me I would put them in the middle of the pictures unless they look REALLY different than those taken the day of. 
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