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  • This was my DH but with video.  I really wanted video of our ceremony but DH really didn't want it for some of the reasons you mention.  He finally relented but before the wedding, he started having nightmares about it so I called it off.  I still am sad we don't have it to this day.

    He wasn't thrilled with the idea of E-pics either but once we did them, he really loosened up and while picture taking still isn't his favorite thing in the world, he is much better.  E-pics are a good way to get to know your wedding photographer which is important, I think.  I would make him a part of your photographer choosing process--maybe if he clicks with someone you meet with, he will be more open to having it done.  Good luck.
  • Talk with your photographer about this. I know DH hates getting his picture taken. I spoke with my photographer about suggestions and he just say to make sure he was just ready on the day of our e-session (outfits, shaved, etc) and he'll take care of the rest. Before our engagement picture appointmnet he spoke with my husband (then fiance) and asked what exactly he didn't like about getting his pictures taken (he is a little self concious because he is balding). 

    During our e-session our photographer made us feel at ease. We were talking and laughing all the time. He had an assistant to help with...stuff (posing, lights?) and the photographer was using a very big zoom lens from far away so most of the time we were not even noticing we were getting our pictures taken. DH felt ver relaxed, specially when he saw the pictures. It made feel at ease the day of the wedding and allowed our photographer basically to do whatever he wanted with the pictures. 
  • Also, Do you have a wedding photographer picked yet? Many of them have the engagement session included in their packages. Therefore, since you are already paying for it, it may help him get motivated about it since you are not shellling out any more money. 
  • The best tip I can offer from a grooms perspective is to let us have a part in the process. I know that brides browse all the blogs and want the photos to look like they are out of a magazine but as guys we want the photos to be fun for us too. For example, I love camping, hiking and drinking wine with my fiancee'. So the first part of the shoot we went to a park wore jeans, hiking pack and got all geared up. Our photographer took some photos of us doing that and then we sat on a huge downed tree in the woods and drank some wine. It wasn't akward because it was stuff we would normally do anyway. This made me way more relaxed and comfortable going to the picture spot she picked out wearing the "pretty clothes" she wanted. Over all I love both sets of photos but the ones that look like us are my favorite, because they bring back the memories of us doing our thing... not the memories of the photoshoot.

    Our photographers were:
    (Tampa, FL)

    I hope that helps.
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    I hate getting my picture taken, but our photographer was amazing. She has a great sense of humour and totally put us at ease. Having her do our e-pics was really great, because we were super comfortable with her on our wedding day. I hope you can find a photographer that your FI really clicks with.
  • My H wasn't looking forward to being photographed either, but he was willing to hire a photographer because he knew how important photos were to me. We didn't do engagement photos, but we did both meet our photographers before the wedding, which helped a lot, as we all got along well. It also helped when I showed him the photographer's blog so he could see that their style was not a lot of posed pictures at all. On the day, it took a bit of time to feel comfortable (I was nervous as well as FI), but since we were being photographed getting ready, by the time the ceremony and family pictures came around we were both fine. He is really happy with the results. So I would say if you have a good photographer you don't necessarily need engagment pictures to "practice" for the wedding pictures.
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