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My photographer is driving me insane

My fiance and I paid our photographer in full at the beginning of March, and she said she'd scan our contract and email it to me. It is April 9th and I still don't have a contract, after I repeatedly contacted her asking her (politely) for it. I need some advice on how to handle it.

Re: My photographer is driving me insane

  • For the future- never, ever send someone money unless you already have the contract.

    In this situation, I would see if she has a facebook page you can post on, or a physical location you can show up and ask for your contract. Things in person or in public tend to get taken care of better, because it risks them looking bad to others.

    If those aren't options, write an email saying that you want the contract sent to you by X date, and if you don't get it you'll be contacting the BBB / your state's Attorney General. That way you have a specific date it is needed by, and email leaves a clear trail of messages. 
  • So, I think you shouldn't have to pay in full until the pictures are in your hands (often the photographer will ask for half before).  However, since that is done I would definitely go after this photographer and remind him/her that you are waiting.   I'm a photographer (and I have a lot of photographer friends) and I will say that we are not always the most organized bunch (so don't freak out quite yet, but I totally understand why you are worried). Your photographer could be dealing with a demanding order and is putting your wedding on a back burner-not that that is right, but it happens sometimes.

      It's good that you have been polite so far, and I would continue until you know more. Photos turn out better if the person taking the pictures likes you.  Even the most professional photographer will tend to (unitentionally) work harder for someone they like, plus you will be smiling more naturally if you aren't upset at the photographer.  

    If the photographer is being lazy and/or dishonest then you might need to see if you can get your money back somehow-there is .  There are lots of photographers out there that will be good to you.  How did you find out about him/her?  If you heard through a friend then see if that friend knows how to contact them.  I also think that what Moonlight Silver said about posting on Facebook or somewhere else public is a good idea.
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    I paid a retainer with my photographer and then the full balance was due 2 weeks before the wedding. We met with him for a consulation and he gave us the contract to take home and think about it (he actually told us to interview other photographers to make sure he was the right one). He provided us with a self-addressed (stamped) envelope as well to mail it back to him. So we made our own copies. 

    What really scares me about your situation is if she is this late of simply giving you a copy of the contract how long is it going to take her to give you your pictures!  Do you have a physical address for her? I would definitely call her one last time and if not show up at her footsteps. Leaving (polite) messages on a public place such as her facebook page might also get her attention. 

    One more thing, make sure once your wedding is over write a review for the photographer. These are customer service issues other knoties in here may want to know as well. 
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