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Do not use Shutterfly Photobooks

Moral of the story - don't fall in love with their photo books. You will spend a long time creating the book, then be disappointed with the price and customer service will insult your intelligence.

My experience: I spent 3 weeks putting together the perfect photobook using Shutterfly. I was so happy to find that they had layflat pages because I have quite a few panoramic photos I wanted to use and show off.  I ordered the first one with a coupon making it a reasonable price. I wanted to order just one to ensure there were no errors and make sure it perfect. It was great.

When I went back to order other books, I had received a couple more coupons from Shutterfly. All the of the emails had a few terms and conditions with the coupons, none of which listed layflat pages or premium books as being outside the use of the coupon. Neither coupon worked. I got an error message saying that "The special offer has already been applied to your account." That didn't make sense because I never saw the price going down.

I had a few encounters with customer service. Every time they said that I hadn't properly read the terms and conditions of the coupon. They never made the terms clear AND they never addressed my issue with the nonsensical language on the site.

When customer service finally tried to rectify the situation, they sent me yet another coupon that I couldn't use.

Re: Do not use Shutterfly Photobooks

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