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alternative to video interviews?

We have an amazing videographer, his videos include an interview with the bride and groom prior to the wedding (how'd you meet, etc) we don't think this is something we want to, but I am looking for suggestions on how to bulk the time since we aren't doing interview. Obviously the getting ready, ceremony, toasts, dances, and reception will be taped, but any other suggestions on unique ways to bulk the video?
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Re: alternative to video interviews?

  • how about recorded greetings and messages from guests and family during the wedding reception?
  • I agree with proudMrsG. 
    Soemties those heartfelt little messages from your guests friends family...etc are great keepsakes...
    I plan on getting the wedding mix app and disposable HD camera for that specific purpose. I think it woudl be great to hear those well wishes from everyone.
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