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I was wondering how many different photographers you all met with before finally booking one...I am starting to get a little overwhelmed with them. In my area there seem to be soooo many talented photographers. Their prices seem to be a bit all over and it is making it very difficult to decide who to meet with.  Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Different Photographers...

  • We met with just one.  I relied on the internet for a lot of my information.  I visited my local board and would search for photographers.  I found names that came up consistently.  Then I looked at their work on the internet.  One stood out and we made an appt, liked him and his albums in person and booked him.
  • I looked through several hundred photographer websites online...literally!!! From the ones I liked I made a list of what I liked about each. I emailed them to ask for more info (pricing if not listed on website). There were still about 20 or so.  I was really overwhelmed between having to decide and the cost. The decision wasn't easy at that point. In frustration,  I ended up picking up the phone and calling friends who got married recently and one of them referred me one that was in my list. I called him and set up an appointment. His personality was great, he was willing to go above and beyond to understand my needs and his photography was great. I don't regret my decision a bit.
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    I looked through a ton of facebook and photography websites. Emailed a few to see their packages, then booked the best offer. I was booking from out of town, so I couldn't really meet in person, but in the end I ended up going with someone that a friend had used and loved. If you have recently married friends I'd highly suggest using their recommendations as your top choices.
  • Loveteaching102 touched on a really great point... WORD OF MOUTH! Talk to your friends and family.. ask if they can recommend anyone good.  :) 
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