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Married ladies who made their own photo albums...

Has anyone made their own wedding photo albums through Snapfish or another similar service? If so how do you like the quality and do you regret not having a more expensive professional album?

We are so hapy with our wedding photos, and we know we want an album (and probably will give smaller albums to our parents), but we aren't sure whether to go for a high end one from our photographers or to try and do it ourselves. I guess I'm wondering if a DIY album will "do justice" to the photos or if it will look cheap.

Re: Married ladies who made their own photo albums...

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    You can look in my married bio under DIY album to compare the two I made.

    I made a professional quality album for my husband's parents who paid for our wedding.  It looked almost EXACTLY like the one our photographer made for us (PIB).  It was pricey (over $400) but still cheaper than what a photographer charges and we got the same quality.

    I made a photo book for my mom using Blurb.  The pages were thin, not hard, it was much smaller, etc. but it still looked OK and she loved it.  However, if this was the only book I had of my wedding photos, I personally would not be satisfied.

    The quality of a $400 book versus a $50 book is obviously going to be very different and that is reflected in the price.

    The album company I used is called and they have more expensive photo books also that might be higher quality of something like Snapfish but still for less money than an album.  I highly recommend them.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience stephie. We are definitely leaning towards getting the professional album from the photographers, but thought it would be good to look into other options as well. :)
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    I think Snapfish or some other company would be fine for the parents' albums.  I looked into getting those from my photographer but they were just too expensive and that is definitely a place where it's worth it to make your own.

    You can totally make the album yourself as well.  I loved making it for DH"s parents.
  • Yeah, that's the thing. I really want to do parents' albums, but it would be waaay too much money to get those and a nice big one for ourselves all from our photographers.
  • I did ours on (well actually I did 2, one of just our fave photos, and one of the "story of the day"), they often have coupons/deals and livingsocial coupons so are much more affordable and I was very happy with how they turned out. We actually posted the link for anyone else who wanted copies and a few of our families bought straight off the site too (and got deals doing it!), So we had great success with these.

    If you really loved your photographers though, remember that many wedding photographers need the income from only doing weddings for half the year to live on the rest of the year, so remember that buying a book off them, while it might be pricey to you, they did do the job you asked them to do and provided you with amazing pictures that are worth the money to get the good quality print and support their business, which their pricing is what they need to be able to break even. Only the photogs who shoot for magazines and commercial shooting are making the big bucks, local photogs are usually really needing fair pricing to stay in business.

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