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Questions about pricing info

Okay, so the time has come for me to start looking for a videographer. I found one that I LOVE so I emailed them for pricing info and like a dork, I can't figure it out.
an anyone explain to me what "total content" means in the info below?? I'm so confused and overwhelmed.
Thanks Ladies

15 minute cinematic edit 45 min
clean-up edits of ceremony, toasts and special dances

Re: Questions about pricing info

  • It probably means everything they film on the day. It's best to ask them exactly what it means so there's no confusion.
  • It means that you'll have a 15 minute edit that is done to a few songs and looks very nice and cinematic. This is likely what you will show to your friends and family.

    Then, you'll have 45 minutes of 'regular' footage that is not set to music. It will likely be off your vows, your first dance(s), and some other key moments. Smile
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