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My fiance and I are getting remarried in August. This will be the 2nd time for both of us.  We have rented 3 pontoons and are planning a day of fun on the lake with our families (about 20 people) and a ceramony thrown in sometime in the afternoon. We both want this to be really relaxed and easy. No stress is our goal, however, I find myself getting wrapped around the logistics of everything and now feel somewhat stressed when I think about it. If anyone has been to or apart of something similar, any advice is welcome.

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    We thought about getting married on a boat in Narragansett Bay.  Then realized that my DD gets seasick.  And that there would be a number of older folks there for whom a boat moving in the surf would be less than comfortable/ stable under foot. 
    So...considering the bridesmaid with a barfbag & a broken hip or two, we scrubbed the idea.  We got married seaside, in a room that makes it feel like you are at sea. 

    Depending on your personal logistics, the devil may indeed be in the details.  ~Donna
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    Welcome to the board.

    I think Donna brings up some good points. I'd recommend looking at it in a different way: ceremony on the beach/land beforehand, party on the pontoons, return to land when the party is over. If you were planning on having the ceremony on one of the pontoons, the people on the other ones would need to be tied to yours, it could really have some seriously tough consequences.

    Just make sure everyone wears their life jackets for safety. You don't want any tragedies, which could happen.

    I'd also recommend having a land-based, covered, back up plan. Weather can be tricky, and what if yuo had thunderstorms on that day?

    It sounds like fun. Good luck with your plans.
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