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Need gift ideas for moms and my uncle

We have the gifts for our bridal party already but I  need gift ideas for both of our moms and my uncle. My mom is going to be really hard beacuse she doesn't like little trinkets and she doesn't really wear jewelry. My uncle will be walking me down the aisle(my dad passed away when I was little). I'm stumped on what to get him as well.

Re: Need gift ideas for moms and my uncle

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    You should shop for your parents and your WP like its there birthday.  For our wedding, we got MIL a new netbook because she was in need of a new computer.  And we got my parents gift cards to two restaurants, one of which is a really fancy place they wouldn't normally go to. 
  • we got the moms photobooks after the wedding; they both loved them and I actually had to make a third for my grandma b/c she loved it too.  Is that something your moms would like? 

    In a similar thread (but you could do it before the wedding) we have done photo blankets for our moms and g-mas for one occasion or another and those were HUGE hits.  The first one was for my mom for Christmas, then everyone raved about it so much we ended up going one for g-ma for her b-day, MIL for mother's day, and then other g-ma for her birthday the next year.  Every single one cried while looking it over.  I use  The result is pretty awesome:

    Clearly the moms in our lives are easy to get with sentimental things, haha.  H's mom is also usually happy with anything with an elephant (jewelry, picture frame, lawn decor, etc.) and my mom would love a designer bag or wallet, something for her sun room / sewing room, etc. Just think about what they like, I'm sure you can come up with something.

    We got all the guys (including my dad) personalized cap catchers with a phrase we thought they'd find funny/appropriate (link). My dad's said "My idea of a balanced diet is a beer in each hand" others included "work is the curse of the drinking class" "happy hour is any hour with vodka"  "Math and alcohol don't mix; please don't drink and derive", etc.

    If all else fails gc are always good - to a retaurant they love, or one they've never tried but should. Or to their favorite store (for my dad that would be a hardware or woodworking store).
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