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Personalized hangers... wording??

Hi everyone,

I've always really liked those personalized hangers that have "bride" etc. scripted in the wire part. Now that I'm getting married, I want to get them for myself, bridesmaids, MOH, MOB, MOG. But my question is this:

What's the better way to script them out? By Title (Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid) or actual names?? 

I can't decide on "Mrs. Gustovich" for mine or "Bride". Same with my bridesmaids. Would they rather have their name or "Bridesmaid".

This is probably a ridiculous question to ask... hahaha... but any input would be helpful to my planning-overloaded brain. :)

Gia Nicole

Re: Personalized hangers... wording??

  • honestly these are silly and you, as the bride, are likely the only one who's really going to want/treasure this.  I'm not going to tell you not to buy them - if you want them go for it, it's your money (though I hope this isn't supposed to count for their gift?).  I knowingly wasted money on BM t-shirts.  I know they will never wear them again, but I wanted them and I'm okay with that.  If this *was* supposed to be their gift, please re-think it.  You can still get yourself one without buying everyone their own.

    What is the intent here - that you will do a picture with all your dresses hanging on your respective hangers?  If that's the case for the photo I'd do titles  (but keep in mind if it's really worth $X for a photo).  Outside of that I'd do names (Just first, not "Mrs. ___" for anyone but yourself b/c their last name may change).  At least it's a true identifier beyond the day of your wedding.  You can still do "Bride" for yours even if you do names for everyone else, so don't let that impact what you do for yours.
  • Thanks for the advice!

    This is by no means their gift, just a small cute thing to make the day a little fun. We'll do the picture probably, but it was also a way I thought to distribute their dresses to them when I picked them up from the boutique. But, I thought maybe names would be best (first name only for everyone but myself) so it wouldn't be super cheesy hanging in their closet 5 years from now or something.
    Gia Nicole
  • I agree it'll be cute - it's just one of those things we do for us, haha.  I think first names is definitely the way to go then. Especially for distribution - it would suck to grab the wrong "bridesmaid" hanger!
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    This seems like a waste of money to me. I quick checked the price of these hangers - $15 each and up. Put your money into something that everyone will appreciate -  brunch to serve while you're getting ready the day of the wedding.

    If you really think you're going to want a picture of the dresses on hangers, you can buy 6 packs of padded hangers at Target or Amazon for $15 add a bow and a name tag.
  • I made the hangers for less than $3 each. I wanted the look of the personalized wooden hangers but couldn't see spending $15 each. I just glued rhinestones on the center of the hangers I got from Target with each girl's initial. It takes some time, but I thought it was worth it!
  • There's some YouTube tutorials on making these yourself. I'm doing this, because I wasnt them, but don't want to spend a lot of money. If you search for bride hanger tutoral you should find one.
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  • Wow! Thanks so much for all of your advice, everyone :)

    Yeah, $15-ish per hanger is pretty ridiculous. I'll look into the DIY route, otherwise think of a different way to do something cute. I really appreciate everyone's honesty!
    Gia Nicole
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Personalized hangers... wording??</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow! Thanks so much for all of your advice, everyone :) Yeah, $15-ish per hanger is pretty ridiculous. I'll look into the DIY route, otherwise think of a different way to do something cute. I really appreciate everyone's honesty!
    Posted by giamon[/QUOTE]

    I went the DIY route, and I'd guess it cost me about $4/hanger. I did "Bride" for mine, and names for my BMs.

    I got suit hangers from Walmart: they are wooden with a wooden dowel to hang slacks on. I popped the dowel out, bent some wire in the shape of the name, and super glued the ends into the hole the dowel came out of. If you print the names out in a pretty font, you can put the wire on top and kind of trace the names. The 14 gauge wire was kind of tough to work with, but I wanted it to be close to the thickness of the hook already on the hanger.

    Another cute way I've seen would be to paint or sharpie the names directly onto the hanger, and tie a cute bow around the hook. It makes it so that they match your wedding colors, but can easily be taken off so they are more usable long-term.
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