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2 maids of honor

I'm looking for suggestions on how brides handle having a sister and life long best friend in their wedding, and wanting both if them to have a special role/title.

Re: 2 maids of honor

  • They can either both be a maid of honor or you can not pick one all together and have them both be bridesmaids.  Whether they are bridesmaid, MOH or co-MOH they will do the same exact thing--get a dress and stand next to you.  One can hold your flowers, one can sign the license. 

    I have 3 best friends, no sisters.  I could never pick one of the three to be a MOH, so I did not--they are all bridesmaids, and they are fine with it.  One will hold my flowers, one will sign the license and the other will cry not doing a "special task."  The 3 of them planned my bachelorette party (because they wanted to)  and all three wanted to do a joint toast, as we did in each others weddings.

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    I didn't have a MOH. Both my bridesmaids are equally important to me, and they both did the same thing in the wedding, so I saw no reason to make either of them "the chosen one." If you want a MOH, however, it's perfectly fine to name them both that. 
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  • My sister and my best friend are my 2 MOH. nothing wrong with it. FI has two best men as well because he didnt want to choose!
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  • I had the same problem.luckily one was married and one wasn't. I made one my matron of honor and the other my maid of honor. In Response to Re: 2 maids of honor:
    [QUOTE]My sister and my best friend are my 2 MOH. nothing wrong with it. FI has two best men as well because he didnt want to choose!
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  • I'm having a matron and a maid of honor. I couldn't choose and it makes things easier on them since one lives out of state and said she feels less pressure now since it'll be easier to have someone in state to help with wedding stuff. They honestly probably don't even need the special title, just being asked to be a part of your special day and stand by you is a big deal already.
  • I have the same situation, my sister and my best friend of 13 years will be my BM's but since I couldn't pick between them as to who would be MOH they are both now my Matrons of Honor. My best friend is getting married 4 short weeks before me! :)
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