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bridal shower hosting

My MOH and mother planned and paid for my hometown shower. My other in-town bridesmaid was not interested in the planning or anything else associated with the shower at all. She actually would tell my MOH she shouldn't be doing so much, which is odd and uncalled for. My MOH WANTS to do this stuff; I've never told anyone to do anything. My out-of-town bridesmaid is my SIL and is a host of my other shower. 

My MOH wants to put only her and my mom's names as hosts. Would that be a slap in the face to the other bridesmaids? I feel a little uneasy about it, but it's not my event to plan so I really want to stay out of it. I realize I shouldn't be involved in the planning at all, and don't want to be, but my MOH approached me about it. 

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