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My FI are newly engaged and I want to get a gift for my future Mother In Law to give her the next time I see her. We aren't particularly close so I just want to get her something that says I really want her to be involved in our wedding and the planning of it and how happy I am to be apart of their family. But all I can seem to find for ideas online are embroidered handkerchiefs which isn't really me... Any Ideas?
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  • Well, we have no idea what the woman likes. I would go for something edible or flowers, personally, since that's not something that will then clutter up the house forever. But you can't force closeness. It has to develop naturally. After 5 and a half years of dating and nearly 2 years of marriage, I'm still not close to my MIL. We just don't have much in common. It makes me sad because my parents both feel like their in-laws are as close as their own families, but I can't force a change.
  • Everything allie said is spot on.

    If you want to show your MIL that you'd like her involved in planning then ask her opinion, invite her dress shopping, etc.  If she doesn't seem that into it then back off.  Not everyone is into weddings. 

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    Ditto PPs. I don't think I would get her a gift. She would probably rather you invite her to participate in things. If she doesn't want to, she will decline, and then you will know not to push. 
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  • Bring her some baked goods that YOU made! Like Cake. And wine. They're non-commital and will not just sit in a drawer/closet.

    Ask her for her email address or connect with her on Facebook. Try to start a friendship before you push her (no matter how thoughtfully!) into the deep-end of your wedding.
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    We moms are anxious about our relationship with our new family member, too. Just try to be yourself. If you want to bring something to break the ice, fresh flowers are nice. You could also bring a few bridal magazines to get the conversation started. 

  • Help you FMIL connect via Facebook, texting, whatever you use. Set up Google Docs, so you can both write on the same document; our family has found this a great way to collaborate on ideas, when we live far apart.

    Remember to ask FMIL about what is going on in her life, too, and not only talk wedding plans.

    Be a great supportive wife to her son; that is the best gift you could give her!
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