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Lips - stick or gloss?

I am getting my hair/makeup done by an artist, but she said that it might be best if I bring my own lipstick or gloss so I can freshen as the day goes on. I am typically a lip gloss kind of girl, but I want my lips to stand out a bit more for my wedding than just everyday lips. Nothing too drastic, thining of a soft color. Any recommendations for products? I think lipstick might hold the color better and not be sticky, but I do love the feel of a smooth gloss since my lips tend to get dry. Ideas??
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Re: Lips - stick or gloss?

  • Can you do a lipliner and lipgloss combo? The lipliner is a little bit longer-staying and will deposit some color and the gloss will keep them slick.
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    Some of my newest favorite products are the L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick and the Mabelline Superstay 14-Hour.  Glosses never stay long enough for me, but these two lipsticks stay GREAT.  I usually top them off with a gloss, but when the gloss wears off, I still have lipstick on my lips.
  • I would recommend a lip stain over a lip stick. You wouldn't have to apply as often. I just put a layer of lip balm on first for moisture and then apply the lip stain. It sets quickly so you don't have to worry about leaving lip marks anywhere or it getting messy. 

    Urban Decay makes one called Lip Envy Lip Stain. MAC and Sephora both have good brands. You could talk to somebody at one of their branches about picking out a good hue.

    I like lip stains beacuse they are more subtle and more so enhance natural colours in your lips rather than painting on a new colour. This doesn't mean that they can't get bold, they can. I just like the more natural look of them. And you would have to reapply maximum one time. Probably not even. I get a full day out of one application--but maybe I would be more picky if it was my wedding day and would do a reapplication for the reception. 
  • NARS makes an awesome lip crayon.  It doesn't last as long as a stain would, but it's not drying, it's smooth, it's soft looking.,_requestid=42976,cm_mmc=us_search-_-GG-_-pla-_-,ci_src=17588969,ci_sku=792507

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  • I would recommend one of the gloss/stain/chapstick combos. Revlon bitten are great on the low end. Clinique chubbies are obviously awesome on the high end. I love them because after the actual product has worn off, there is still color left over. I have yet to be disappointed by any of the colors. 
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  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    I will second either using a stain or Nars. both last a really long time.
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  • oh the makeup artist i am using gives a free lipstick to all the brides.  that way you can touch up on your own during the wedding day.  she told me that if you are wearing a veil over your face or are wearing your hair long you should not use a gloss because it will stick to the veil or hair.  i am not wearing my hair long or a veil over my face so she is using a combo of lipstick and gloss. you should call her-liz from makeup artistry inc in hingham.
  • I don't have much to add, except thank you for posting the question, OP!  I'm having the same dilemma and got a lot of useful tips from the responses!  I guess the only advice I have is to wear something that feels comfortable on your lips (in addition to standing the test of time).  I'm not much a lipstick/gloss girl, but I've tried some that feel fine, and others that just feel gross on my lips.  I'll be trying some more to see what will work best for me.  Best of luck!  And thanks again for putting this on the board!
  • Thanks for all the tips ladies! I will test a few products and see what I like best. I love the lip crayon idea or gloss/stain/chapstick combo; I'll have to head over to Sephora. :)
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  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    FYI, chapstick removes most lipstain. If you like the idea of a lip stain, I have tried a ton and found that Cover Girl is the least drying and it comes with a chapstick like stick to keep the stain on and your lips moist.
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