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want to involve my future step children

I would love some ideas on how to include my future step children in our wedding.  My step daughter is 10 and my step son is 12.  We are currently planning on them walking down the isle together and having them hand us our rings but i think that i could do something better...

What do you think?
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Re: want to involve my future step children

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    I would love to have a copy of the vows to the children I think it's a great idea!
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    In Response to Re:want to involve my future step children:[QUOTE]I know that my opinion isn't the popular one around here... however in June I married a widower with two young daughters aged 5 amp; 3.nbsp; I FIRMLY believe that I did not just choose to marry their daddy, I choose to become part of the entire family and wanted our ceremony to reflect that.nbsp;nbsp; The girls were our flowergirls and then after H and I exchanged our vows and rings, they joined us at the altar.nbsp; I don't remember the wording could find it if you want it, but the minister asked us a question about joining together to raise the girls with love etc... and then I made a few simiple short vows to the girls. telling them that I loved them, and that I promise tonbsp; give them cuddles when they're sad, play with them, teach them things only a mommy can teach them etc.nbsp;nbsp; We then gave each girl a locket with the wedding date engraved on it.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; We also later included them in the last minute or so of our first dance.I loved how the ceremony turned out... and soooo many of our guests commented on that part of the ceremony, telling us how sweet and touching it was.nbsp; The girls just loved it too... 43 days later they're still talking about it and wanting to show off their lockets.I say go for it if you feel your stepchildrentobe would appreciate something like this, just please don't ask them to make any vows back to you.nbsp; Posted by vexie[/QUOTE] I would love a copy of that!!!!!!
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