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New twist on feeding each other...


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    [QUOTE]Why stop there? Throw a cake at your grandmother, that would be really funny, especially if she slips on some frosting and falls. 
    Posted by MairePoppy[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]Oh and hey, at the same time you are doing this, you should rig up a catapult, and have the DJ fling punch on them from across the room, at high speed.  Bonus points if the punch is full of still frozen strawberries and ice chunks. ... and then... SCREAM "Ba-zing-ga!" Yes. You totally should.
    Posted by Ella and Pedro[/QUOTE]

    These things.  They are both excellent ideas.  Full of class and good times to be had for all.

    Seriously though.  I know things are fun and some people are into smashing cakes on their new spouse's face but the idea of feeding cake, although has many origins, can symbolize feeding or providing for the spouse.  Nothing says "I love you!" like smashing cake all over each other. *eye roll*
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  • I've always found the cake smashing thing kind of silly. Idk if "classless" is too strong, but the thought of that happening to me puts a knot in my stomach. Plus, what's the symbolism behind it? I don't even know how it applies to newlyweds, so I'm 99.99999% it would be negated if performed on a third party.  Without insulting you, just don't do it. It would be like giving birthday spanks (which I also think are silly) to your best friend when it's your birthday. Pointless at best, insulting and hurtful at worst. Most women, especially, wouldn't find this funny when they're in sweats, much less all dolled up.
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    I hate cake-smashing.  Period.

    I see nothing cute, funny, unique, original, clever, or desirable about anyone doing it to anyone else.  And if you did it to me, I'd strike back and claim self-defense.  You wouldn't like it.
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