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The Kiss

This is going to sound crazy, but should we practice our kiss for our ceremony? I don't want to do it like a peck on the cheek, but I don't want it to be rater R either. Am I the only one who is wondering about this?

Re: The Kiss

  • I think you're over thinking this. A five second kiss on the lips isn't rocket science. Just don't worry about it and when the time comes just let it happen how it happens. Besides, it's not like the kiss is a big production. Nobody will remember it whether it's long, short, messy, etc.
  • 1) Have you kissed him before?
    2) It should be church tongue, not porn tongue
    3) Watch and learn
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: The Kiss : I am pretty sure that no tongue is church tonge.
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    Did you watch the movie clip?
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  • I love that movie! I love kissing my bf, so telling him we needed to practice would be fun lol. Don't overthink it! Even if you have never kissed before, relax. It's just one of many more to come!
  • We practiced and then the real deal was nothing like our "practice!" Haha!  Just relax and enjoy it.
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    [QUOTE]We practiced and then the real deal was nothing like our "practice!" Haha!  Just relax and enjoy it.
    Posted by SCogs18[/QUOTE]

    The thought of practicing makes me laugh a little.. do you practice in front of a mirror or a camera so you can see how it looks??
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  • Use strawberry flavored lip balm.

  • It's just a kiss; ours probably lasted about 1 second and we didn't see the need to practice.
  • Totally practiced it! Minus the happy tears :)
  • As long as it doesn't look like you are disconnecting your jaw and going to eat you H alive, you will be ok.
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  • As a parti-time wedding photographer, a FIVE-SECOND kiss is what I always recommend.  Yes, do practice that so you know how long that feels.  If it's a one-second kiss, your photographer may not get the shot he/she needs and most couples want that as part of their photographs for the day. 
  • If you are worried- I don't see the harm in practicing it :)

    Kissing is fun. I'll take any excuse I can find to kiss my fiance more. Practice away!
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