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sending out shower invites

When do we send out invites for a shower? A month in advance?

Re: sending out shower invites

  • I think that sounds good.  
  • My MOH sent out my shower invitations about a month in advance.
  • A month in advance sounds about right.  BTW, this is something for the hostess (not you) to do.
  • I helped my BM's fill out the wedding invations for my shower. We sent them out, a month in advance.
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  •  My girls are sending out my shower invites 2 months in advance, as a lot of my family are out of town, and would have to fly in if they choose to come. So they thought a little extra notice was appropriate. 
     I agree though, that this isn't something the bride should be in charge of. Usually it's one of your ladies in the bridal party, a close family member etc. :) 
  • Yes I'm not really in charge of it, but the hosts are friends of the groom's Mother and has no idea, so I thought I'd double check for her.
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