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xp tradition out of place

Hi y'all I need some help My fi and I as well as most of our attending family are from nola (new orleans la) a big tradition is to have a second line and we very much want to do it. The problem I am having is that we are all in nebraska as is the wedding and I am having alot of trouble finding a band to play the second line. So here's the question has anyone ever heard of and do ya'll think it would work to do one to a recording? help please.

Re: xp tradition out of place

  • What's a second line?
  • its a traditional parade where the bride and groom followed by their guests parade with a jazz band in celebration usually from the church to the reception or around the block we are considering doing it inside the ahll due to the band issue

  • That looks like fun. Maybe you could ask your local high school marching band.
  • Just a thought - Have you tried contacting any local schools (High school/College) for Jazz bands that might be interested in doing this.They might get a kick doing this. If you did a recording you would need a sound system so everyone could hear it.
  • I know some of the schools in my area will do special performances for a donation made to their boosters club which supports the bands activities. If you don't have luck with a marching band group, try local (even community level) colleges for their pep bands (smaller version of band that usually performs at Basketball games which usually consist of marching band members). You could probably even get custom shirts for them made with your names on it that they could wear with jean then they would look like a unit, unless they can do their school uniform.

    Sounds like fun. If weather permits maybe you can go around parking lot outside.
  • Check with a local highschool band! As long as you have the main things (drum, and a horns section) its fine! Maybe you have a family member who plays an instrument?!?!

    Best of luck!
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