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Question about Mexican-American Catholic Ceremony In Mexico

Hello!  I am an American getting married to my boyfriend who is Mexican in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February of 2014.  Although I am Catholic, it seems as though the Mexican church ceremony has many more components that require specific sponsors/padrinos.  I have been told by my boyfriends family that I am only allowed to have one set of padrinos during the church ceremony--no bridesmaids/groomsmen, no additional sponsors or important people.  

I will obviously be contacting the church to ask them about this as well, but I was hoping to receive personal feedback from people who may have gone through a Mexican, Catholic ceremony.  As we are merging two cultures, I was hoping to not only include one bridemaid/one groomsmen into the ceremony, but also two sets of sponsors/padrinos-- his aunt and uncle for el lazo and an my grandparents to assists us in las velas (candle lighting).  Am I crazy???  Would this break all tradiitons?  Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Question about Mexican-American Catholic Ceremony In Mexico

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    There is also a latino weddings board under the cultural wedding boards, but it seems really slow.  You probably won't get a response there, but if you look at the threads, you may be able to learn more about what is customary.  Good luck!

  • Thank you both for the pointers!  I will try re-posting on both of those message boards-- and reading more on the Latinos wedding board.  I appreciate your rapid responses!
  • In Mexico, you will have to have two ceremonie: a legal JOP ceremony and a mass. The Mexican government requires that you have a JOP wedding. I don't know anything about bridesmaids etc, but I do know that some friend of my fiancé's (who is Mexican) had bridesmaids at her wedding. 
  • From what I understand of Mexican ceremonial tradition, the bridal party is allowed to be present during the ceremony, and the women are called madrinas, while the men are called padrinos.

    To me, it's sounding a lot like the priest has some reason to personally not conduct wedding ceremonies in the normal manner.  Mexican wedding parties can get quite large, so maybe there are space concerns.  You definitely need to call the church and ask.

    On a related note, Puerto Vallerta is gorgeous!  I'm a tad bit jealous :P.
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  • You said your FI's family are the ones to say you can't have a wedding party.  Any chance this is just how they want it and are trying to convince you of this?  
  • I have to agree with the others. Mexican weddings have no restrictions about wedding party. You should talk this with you Boyfriend and see what is going on.

    Hope you can sort it out.
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