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Another newbie to this board!

Hello Ladies!

Just to be up-front with everyone, I am the MOG.  I am not a bride, but I LOVE the whole wedding planning process ( I've worked in the industry for over 25 years).  I've recently gone thru the two weddings of my daughters- the latest being April of last year, so I've been on TK for a number of years now.  :) 

My son and his Fiance` just booked their venue this weekend, so their date will be 7/19/2014.  We are very excited.  And while this time around, as the MOG I get to "wear beige and keep my mouth shut" LOL, my future DIL is being very gracious about keeping me in the loop since she knows how obsessed I am with weddings!  :)

So as I plan vicariously thru her, I will gladly share my enthusiasm and experience with the July '14 knotties. 

Happy Planning to all of you!

Re: Another newbie to this board!

  • Welcome welcome!!! My future MIL is wonderful and totally involved as well, so I think it's great that you're so excited about helping your son and future DIL! And, it's always nice to have the perspective of someone who has been through this several times already, so I'm sure you'll be able to help ALL of us!!! Glad you're here!
  • Welcome ! Congratulations what an exciting time. My date is also July 19,2014. Have fun being invovled !
  • Congrats on your son being engaged. Its awesome that your future DIL is keeping you in the loop. My mother is haveing a lot of fun helping plan our wedding which is 7/26/2014
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