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Flower girls at ceremony but not reception?


Re: Flower girls at ceremony but not reception?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    In Response to Re:Flower girls at ceremony but not reception?:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re:Flower girls at ceremony but not reception? :   Lol, no. His parent's are planning to bring him home post ceremony/pictures. They knew we weren't having children at our wedding, and wanted the night to themselves as well. They brought this up before. Also, he is 2, and has no idea there will be cake at the wedding :P  My font is in bold because I like it in bold. No specific reason :P
    Posted by JMalettas[/QUOTE]

    If you wanted a kid free wedding then you shouldn't have included a RB to begin with.  You are basically using him as a prop for some cute pictures at this point.

    And bold font is annoying and a pain to read.  I know TK gives you options on font color and stuff but normal black font without the bold is best on the eyes.

  • My fiance and I are having two FG (my fiance's nieces) in the wedding and we are including invites to an additional 4 little girls who are close family (first cousins).   If you are having FG in your wedding or RB then they need to be invited, hands down, no other option.   I

    f you are genuinely concerned that the child will be tired and unable to stay up for the entire reception, talk to your venue about a smaller room that can have a TV/DVD player set up in it.   Talk to the FG's parents.   Say that you would love for them to be at the reception, but know that it will be late.   Offer to pay for an experienced babysitter that can stay with the kids if they pass out somewhere.   Have the babysitter on site the entire reception in a separate room.  If the kids are fine, no problem.  At worst, it costs the money for the babysitter and to feed them.  

    But you don't sound like a rude, mean aunt, and your in-laws get to relax.
  • mgr136mgr136 member
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    In Response to Re: Flower girls at ceremony but not reception?:
    [QUOTE]Thanks for all the opinions.  I know now its all or nothing with the flower girls.  Please note we have not asked the girls or the parents yet about them being in the wedding or the reception. 
    Posted by KAK2014[/QUOTE]

    It's your day and you can do whatever you want! You and your soon to be husband are the hosts and you can invite or not invite whomever you please!
  • I personally think it may be rude not to have them there. Sorry
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