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Groomsman in Absentia?

We have a "groomswoman" who is unable to make the trip to our wedding. She is a dear freind of FI's and he would still like to recognize her as part of the WP. On our website he put Groomsman Emeritus, but I was just wondering if anybody had a cute idea for something else to call her! Really, it will just be listing her on the website and in the program. Not a huge deal, but it means something to FI, so why not.

Re: Groomsman in Absentia?

  • Ha! That was me accidentally posting under FI's account. Whoops!
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  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    Well, she would be emerita, not emeritus.  Emeritus is male.  But emerita doesn't make sense in this case; it means that someone has "served his time".

  • Just put 'groomswoman.' It doesn't matter if she can make it or not. I would suggest 'honorary groomswoman' if she were dead or deployed, but since she is neither, just skip it. No one is going to hunt you down at the reception to demand an explanation for why she wasn't present.
  • you could always just put an asterisk next to her name and a footnote that says "couldn't join us today" or something that DOESN'T imply she's deceased.
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