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christian and catholic

hi all my fi is catholic and i am Christian ( Armenian apostolic orthodox) i was baptized a catholic in my dads church but when i was 5 my mom decided that she wanted to raise me and my siblings in the church she grew up in.. my fi wants to get married in his church. i know when my mom got married ( in the catholic church) the priest was giving her issues ( this was the 70s) 

my concerns are he wont marry us my fi really wants it in his church and i have agreed to it but then i find out you cannot have a ceremony in the church past a certain  time on saturdays. our venue we booked with lets us have the place at 7 for the reception cocktail hour at 7 8 starts the reception.. 

latest my fi said his church can marry us is by 2 that would be around  3 the ceremony is over receiving line for 130 guests 330-345 getting my wedding party 7bm 7gm into the party bus lets say 4 we are officially out of the church we head to pictures about 15 minutes away pictures take an up to an hour so 5ish that leaves us 3 hours in limbo and our guests 3 hours in limbo i have a lot of out of state guest as well as my fi my only other option is to rent out the hall in his church and have some sort of punch and coffee social hour. but then someone would have to clean up and i cannot expect my guests to clean up 

my second and best option would to get married in my church we only have sunday services and there is no rules in the church when you have to have a ceremony. 

so we could do a 400 ceremony that would last til 5 receiving line till 530-545 pictures till abiout 630 and then reception that way our guest would only have a short time between the ceremony and the reception 

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