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Hie ladies. IDK why time is flying by. I don't work well under pressure and yes I procrastinated...please don't do this to yourself. I kept saying I have time and now it's a little over 2 weeks away, am basically done but the little details are a pain now and I am tired of making decisions:(( and it seems every vendor wants to adk more questions now. uugghhh! I just want my life back lol anyone else feel like that? Am sooo unproductive and can't afford that right now. Pray church!
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Re: Unproductivity

  • Hey weekend date twin - i'm with you. We have to meet with the venue to go over the floor layout next week and have our final meetings with the caterer and premartial counseling this week.AND I have some small details to finish as well.  I'm so ready for this day to get here! 
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  • I feel both of you.  I am a little further out than you ladies but I am tired of the little things and Im procrastinating because I am tired of it at this point and most of all still tired of the people asking me questions about my wedding when ITS MY WEDDING!  Either do what I want or keep your mouth closed and step.  They make it worse.  (that was a little mini vent) But anyway....I was a little productive today.  You know Easter candy is on sale now so I have been on the prowl.  I got some stuff for DIRT CHEAP!  Some bags of candy were 1.74!  The colors are a little off but hey you cant beat that price and what are people going to say...hey your candy doesn't match...No I think they will just eat the candy. 
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  • @fancywright2 yes! Almost there. But it's tiring. @Ranyatta totally agreed. The questions have got to stop but it seems they get worse lol. I knw they mean well but lawd!
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