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Backwards wedding??

First I should start off by saying that both FI and my family are offbeat and not big into the "normal" way of doing most things. My FI and I are getting married in a small romantic garden themed wedding in our own back yard but I have always kind of had a dream to have it at twilight when the sun is going down and candles all around but being that the wedding in July this would end up being very late (sun set it 930 or so). I was thinking of doing a backwards wedding where the family would have a reception before the wedding, we would visit and eat and all the other stuff you do aftet the wedding then the wedding party would get changed and ready for the sun set wedding. After we got married we would have cake and other treats and drinks but I am unsure if this could work and am leaning to just sucking it up and doing it early. I should point out that one of the reasons for the backwards idea and not just having a late wedding is that I live in the city and as with most towns being loud after 10 can get you a visit from the police officers in the area, I don't think anyone would care or turn us in but I would hate for it to happen. What do you guys think??
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Re: Backwards wedding??

  • I've found, after having an offbeat wedding, that some people will really struggle with anything out if their norm, but if I was really clear about what I wanted, and why, nearly everyone was supportive. Your plan sounds lovely to me, just make it clear what the plan is so people can be prepared.
  • Hmmm... this might be a good way to keep people form leaving early, and having to hold off on your ceremony because important people are running late and you don't want them to miss it. I think there could be several pluses.

    If it's a smaller ceremony, then I don't think it would upset too many people, and there are even a lot of bonuses involved (people won't be sitting hungry through your ceremony - they already ate!)
  • I don't see an issue with this, but you could also wait until the fall, and schedule it for when sunset is a bit earlier if that's what you want.
  • I think this sounds so great! Just make sure you word it right in your invites so everyone knows the plan. I think it would be lovely to go to a wedding without having to feel like you're going to be late and walk into the ceremony or see the bride prematurely. Plus I think that laid back feel is perfect for a garden wedding atmosphere.
  • Thanks guys! I'm still not sold on the idea but I feel better going ahead and talking to the FI about it some more. I can't do a fall wedding because I am having a outdoor wedding and I live in Seattle so there are only a few months with mostly dry days in them lol. Our family is all very easy going so I don't think anyone would mind.
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  • the only problem i forsee is all your guests being drunk at your ceremony...
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  • I think as long as you're clear about it to the guests so they know what to expect then you're good to go. You are properly taking care of and hosting them! As PP stated my only concern would be people being intoxicated at the wedding
  • A solution there, in my opinion, would be to also hold off liquor service until the small bit after the wedding that you mentioned. Other than that, I love the idea and think that it's lovely! I had even considered the same type of lineup for my own wedding, if that helps lol.
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