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2 day affair

Hi there! I just wanted to share my offbeat plan. I always imagined a small intimate handfasting for our ceremony but a huge party to celebrate; and that is exactly what we're planning.
The ceremony will be held at a primitive campsite TBD the day before. Our celebration will be held the following day at a beautiful picnic area. There is a little confusion about the difference between the ceremony and the celebration and who is invited to what but I did my best to make it clear on my invites as well as my website. I will be sending my invites out this week. Wish me luck.
At the celebration we will be including some of the tradional handfasting components and I also expect a bit of confusion from some of my guests as they may be more use to common day tradition. I look forward to lacing up my chucks to physically jump the broom with my honey in my party dress in front of all my loved ones :

Re: 2 day affair

  • Are you doing any type of program on the celebration day? You could actually explain some of the traditions there. Then they'd not only experience them but learn about them and broaden their knowledge of what ceremonies exist :) We did a very Christian but not too common ceremony, the Cord of Three Strands, and that's how we explained it to our guests was just to include an explanation in the program :)

  • I LOVE this idea! 

    My fiance and I considered something similar... Renting out a Summer Camp in the fall for a weekend.. and having our wedding over 2 days. Doing lots of camp-games, canoing & a BBQ one day... and the next day doing the wedding. Unfortunately we weren;t able to find anything that had availablity left for 2013, so we went a different route.

    But yes! I think this is an amazing idea! 
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