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Double weddings?

Hi ladies! Help!! Opinions please! I'm looking at planning 2 "weddings", back to back. My family is in one state (FL), and fiance's is in another (OK). I would have just 1, but my grandparents are unable to travel, and I'd really like them to experience more than 1 grandkid's wedding (I would be 2nd grandchild to get married). So, here is it what I'm wondering. Our 'wedding' wedding will be where we live, where fiance's family is (OK). We want to do a mini wedding, or "vow re-reading" or whatever it is, where my family is (FL). Do I ask my immediate family to attend/participate in the main wedding in OK and the  FL 'wedding', or one or the other? Do I do the mini 'wedding' first, or soon afterwards? The actual wedding would be as such, and the mini would be kinda just vowing ourselves to each other. My dad's partner will be the 'officiant' for the mini wedding and neither will be a really 'religious' ceremony. 

Re: Double weddings?

  • So you are doing this all for your grandparents?  That is very sweet, but might I suggest that you are overcomplicating things?  You could set up something like Skype and they could watch it that way (someone would probably have to be with them to help them set it up, unless your grandparents are tech-savvy).  That would save a lot of effort, money, and they could still participate in a way.  I'm pretty sure I have seen this done before - I think the grandparents actually gave a speech for the wedding over Skype. 
    I personally think having two weddings is a bit much, even if you have good intentions.  And technically, your grandparents would know that you are already married and they are just seeing a recreation.  They might still feel like they missed it then, and having a recreation afterwards would just amplify that. 

  • I agree with PP. I think having two 'weddings' for your grandparents is a little much. We had someone skyped into our wedding just because they weren't going to be able to make the trip. When we got back home (we did a Destination Wedding) we then had a celebration to celebrate our marriage. There was no white dress, first dance, etc... it was just a big party and we had a slide show of pictures from the wedding going off to the side for those that couldn't make it.
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