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The Great War (Video Game Theme)

Hello guys & gals and welcome to the Mojave wasteland! Where Mr. New Vegas can be heard all day every day bringing you great hits from Bing Crosby, Marty Robbins, The Ink spots and Dean Martin. While killing Rad scorpions and mutants and looting their dead bodies and gambling their money away. Great wedding theme right? 
   My fiance and I are gamer nerds and the one game we are both in love with is FALLOUT!  A post apocalyptic role-play game. I swear it's not as bad as It may seem. Fallout takes place in 2077 and beyond. Think 1940's and 1950s but, technology advanced and there was a nuclear war which basically destroyed everything even though it lasted a total of 2 hours! Close your eyes and picture vintage Vegas except destroyed and rebuilt with amazing music. Sounds strange I know but, I promise when It comes together more I will post theme bored and stuff like that.
     We are gonna have the wedding October 23, 2016 which is the date the Great war took place. We are wanting to get married in ak old time casino or a nuclear fallout shelter. Everything will be very 1940's so class with a twist of post apocalyptic. 
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