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Vintage Theatre meets Magic Show

Our wedding will have a vintage theatre meets vaudeville magic show theme. Any help with color schemes, reception ideas, table centerpieces, etc... is greatly appreciated! 

Re: Vintage Theatre meets Magic Show

  • Centrepieces could represent different aspects of the magic show that you want to portray. They don't need to all be the same so you could have some fun with that :)
  • Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!

    What a fun theme! Here are some ideas that came to mind.

    Colors: Red, gold, black and white
    Red, gold and black remind me of the classic theaters: click me
    Black and white remind me of magicians in tuxedos, dressing up for a night out, and would work well with red and gold

    Paper goods: Depending on how into this you're wanting to get, you could do your paper goods to resemble old vaudeville show posters. You could even try to recreate some of the posters by using you and your SO, wedding party, family, etc. 

    invitation idea: click me
    STD idea: click me
    centerpiece/table decoration: click me (each table could have a different magician/show poster)

    I know we always warn brides to make sure that your wedding doesn't end up resembling a children's birthday party, but at this type of a wedding, I would expect to see some magic tricks. You could have your magician either:
    a. During the cocktail hour so guests can be entertained while you're taking photos
    b. During dinner so guests have something to watch but this might be problematic if guests have to get up to go to the buffet

    I would definitely make sure the magician doesn't force anyone to participate, but since your theme is vaudeville magic/theater show I think you could get away with some card tricks and illusions. Maybe you can find a Houdini impersonator!

    I agree with BMcLeodTeam that you could make your table centerpieces different magic tricks or items that are used in magic tricks. I'm not sure how do-able it is, but you could take a vase and line the inside of it with playing cards. You could get top hats, wands, decks of cards, small balls, colored handkerchiefs, etc. You could display different vaudeville posters on each table. 

    Good luck with your planning!
  • Thank you SO much for these wonderful ideas! We really do appreciate you taking the time to reply to our post and even go as far as to include pictures and web-links to help support your ideas. Very cool! With this information, we're off to a good start. Any further ideas, please keep them coming. Thanks!!!
  • You're very welcome! 

    I saw a vintage vaudeville wedding blog post you might be interested in: click me

    I also looked it up on wiki to help get a more precise idea of the time frame (1880-1930's) and found this to be interesting: 
    "Types of acts included popular and  classical musicians, dancers, comedians, trained animals, magicians, female and male impersonators, acrobats,illustrated songs, jugglers, one-act plays or scenes from plays, athletes, lecturing celebrities, minstrels, and movies. A vaudeville performer is often referred to as a vaudevillian."

    Now this depends on how much time & creativity you two have, but you could film a short silent skit to play during dinner. You could use Windows movie maker even and just make it sepia or black & white, put in some title screens for the dialog.You could do five short (20-30 seconds) scenes depicting your vaudevillian alter egos meeting, falling in love, proposing, preparing to get married and then the wedding. During the reception you could play them at different intervals or all at once.

    I think clothing could be one of the best ways to help create the vaudeville atmosphere you desire. I wouldn't force guests to dress a certain way because no one really wants to buy a new outfit just for a wedding, however, you could put it out there through word of mouth that if people want to dress the time period they are welcome to but not expected to. If you are having a wedding party and they are willing, (make sure to ask their budget first before picking anything), you could replicate the time period in your clothes. 

    If you're having groomsmen, they could wear dark pants, white shirts, ties or bowties, suspenders and if your SO is male, he could wear something similar but slightly more alluring to stand out. Don't forget the top hats or bowler hats!

    groomsmen: click me
    fiance: click me

    If you're having bridesmaids, they could wear anything from flapper dresses to long lace gowns. It's hard to find vaudeville clothing ideas for women that don't involve a lot of skin so these images are more for a general idea. 

    Good luck!
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