brooch bouquet

I'd like to know how many Canadian brides ae making/buying a brooch bouquet.
When I got engaged I knew I wanted one and when I asked friends for donations of old brooches they had never heard of a brooch bouquet. Now it seems like they're everywhere (and this was only a few months ago)!  My photographer is making one for her wedding, she did a wedding where the bride had one and my florist said "oh, you're making one of those".

If a lot of brides are making them so you think I should still do mine or just get normal bouquets like my bridesmaids?  Our wedding has an underlying vintage+rustic theme so my bouquet works well but so does the maids bouquets of hand tied wildflowers.

Re: brooch bouquet

  • I'm doing a slight twist to the brooch bouquet. I am having a bouquet made of handmade silk flowers and having each flower embellished with a brooch, bead or bling in the centre. I wanted something that I will hold onto and will be incorporating some of my Baba's old earrings and such.

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