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Happy Monday!

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Unpop Ops theme for the week: food.

I really like putting peanut butter on my cheeseburgers. Along with ketchup, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.

Re: Happy Monday!

  • Bananas: gross, disgusting, don't ever make me eat them

    Mushrooms: it's a fungus, 'nough said

  • I can't stand the taste of avocados.  I'm mildly allergic to them, but I really don't like them.  Think they taste like green poop, but it's easier to just say "I'm allergic" than it is to have to explain why I won't eat them.  I'm only allergic to them topically (meaning if they are an ingredient in lotion or something).

    I like to eat peanut butter and marshmallows with cheerios.  Meaning, I pour a bowl of cheerios, add marshmallows, and then poor milk over it.  I then dip my spoon into a jar of peanut butter, and dunk it into the cereal.  I let the milk and cheerios (and my mouth) work down the peanut butter until its gone.  It usualy lasts about half a bowl, so I repeat.  

    I haven't done that in a while, because I share the peanut butter, but when I move out and it's just me and FH, I may have to have a bowl...  
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  • I despise raw onion of any size in my food.  But I'll eat onion rings  I also hate raw and cooked pepper--spicy or not.  It's just nasty.  I'll eat (or at least try) anything else, though.  
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Happy Monday!</a>:
    [QUOTE] My exceptions are poblanos and jalapenos, which I am okay with.  
    Posted by elBecko[/QUOTE]<div>I craved Pizza Hut's Quepapa's (potato & minced jalepeno) all through my pregnancy.  I tried them again after Ezra was born, and couldn't finish the first one.  

  • I won't eat most condiments.  No ketchup, mustard, mayo, salsa, guac.  However, I do love BBQ sauce, esp the mustard based kind, followed by vinegar based.

    I'm really picky with salad dressing.  I think most salad dressings taste gross.  I'll make my own that are mostly olive oil with just a little vinegar and some fruit, which I like.  At a restaraunt I get it on the side and may or may not put much on.  I never use bottled, so at a friend's house I don't use anything.

    Add me to the list of people who don't eat raw onion.
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